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Corrupt Outlook Archive .PST File Problem

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Corrupt Outlook Archive .PST File Problem
If you are having problems opening your outlook archive .pst file, use the Ms-Office repait tool to fix it.

  1. Go to the follwing folder:
    For windows 32-bit -> c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12 /  For windows 64-bit -> c:\Program Files (x68)\Microsoft Office\Office 12
  2. Double click on Scanpst.exe
  3. Browse and open your .pst file.
  4. If there will be any errors, you will be prompted to keep a backup of the current .pst file before doing any changes (that is before scanpst.exe repairs the file).
  5. The Message will look like this: "Make Backup of Scanned File Before Repairing".
  6. Click "Repair" then confirm and the repair process is completed.

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