EMF-ElectroMagnetic Fields, Cellular phones health hazards and Risks


EMF-ElectroMagnetic Fields, Cellular phones health hazards and Risks

There has been a lot of talk and discussions, over the hazards and risks of cellular phones usage.

EMF - It is certainly, not healthy

There are many resources over the Internet, where a lot of evidence and proof is given. Finally, it seems that definitely, cellular technology and its application in our everyday life, cannot be considered as the best possible “benefit” for our health.

EMF - Evidence of proof

Following there is an interview with Dr. Nora Volkow, about a research done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dr. Nora Volkow was in charge.


Here is another video proving the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) to our Health.


Dr. Martin Blank, of Columbia's School of Medicine talks about the cellular and biological effects of electromagnetic fields on human health.




Avoid stress!,.... caused by EMF

Did you know that stress is one of the cell phones side effects? Watch the following video.



Here are some advices regarding EMF 

Do no use them by the side of your head.

By keeping our cellular phones at least 1 feet away, exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation will be minimal.

Usage of earphones would minimize the risk significantly.

If you care about your children `s health the least you should do is to warn, and advise them correctly about the truth regarding cell phones.

Turn off your cellular phones when you don `t use them.

Protect yourself against EMF

There have been several incidents where EMF has been proved to be responsible for various problems like the following

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • General psychological status of a person regarding their feelings, happiness and well-being.
  • EMF also affected sleeping problem and digestion.
  • Headaches and sometimes severe migraines
  • Asthma

EMF, protect, products

Scientific researches, have shown that EMF has negative effects on our brains and bodies as well.

Our immune system is affected by EMF and the healing process is also being seriously delayed.

Almost every day we find ourselves within environments where EMF sources are spread all over. Some of our daily habits and activities include hair dryers, microwaves, various kind of music players, cell phones, computers, gaming devices that are strong sources of EMF.

There seems to be a connection between electricity and depression, diabetes, cancer, and suicide as well.

Options to protect ourselves against EMF

The full effects of EMF in a long time term, are unfortunately unknown and not easy to predict. Nevertheless using products that protect us against EMF, help be healthier, feel happier and with a better mood. Have no doubt. Take an action to limit it. The natural defenses of our bodies against EMF will be enforced by the reduction of all negative effects.There are several options and products offered that can help you protect yourself against EMF.

Here are some useful links :
EMF links and Potection Products. DNA alteration and Chronic-Oxidativ stress are also EMF effects that have been recorded.

EMF sources

Routers, all kind of wireless devices found in a workplace or a home nowadays are dangerous EMF sources effecting people ‘s health and their feeling of  well-being.

  • Dangerous electromagnetic sources – EMF sources
  • Wireless phones and routerr
  • Various electricity appliances
  • Computers  etc

Smart Meters

Lots of people have been complaining about Smart Meters. These electronic devices record the consumption of electric energy within regular time intervals. The information is then temporarily stored or communicated to a central system. Smart Meters seem to effect the mood and overall feeling of well-being. Animals are also suspected to be effected.