Moving seems to be the best way to fight Osteoarthritis and a lot of other diseases. Physical activity helps improve faster and most times helps us stay totally healthy.   As scientists have proved, exercise and wellness are very well related to each other. It is in the nature of Humans to move and exercise.   Movement means life, and so does change too.   No matter what your age or condition might be regular physical activity helps improve our quality of life and recovery. When it comes to Osteoarthritis -OA-, exercising has the following benefits:  

  • Invaluable Psychological support against Depression,
  • Reduce risk of getting more health problems.
  • Much less pain and stiffness.
  • Increased movement ability.
  • Stronger joints.
  • Improved functionality and capabilities for any kind of activity.
  • Increased protection from any kind of disease.

  Medically speaking the following risks are also decreased:

  • Stroke, Heart disease, blood pressure
  • Diabetes (type 2)
  • Certain forms of cancer (like breast, colon)

    What happens while you exercise?:  

  • The muscles around joints are getting stronger, so you become more flexible since your joints are more stabilized.
  • Exercised muscles also help with pain relief.
  • Your heart becomes strong and breathing becomes easier.

  There are a lot of studies proving that exercise brings health and well being. So it is with Osteoarthritis -OA- too.   Have you brushed your teeth today?  Do not neglect the rest of your body - daily exercise keeps your whole body health   Start by asking yourself the following questions

  1. Can you do what you used to do?
  2. Do you have any physical activity goals?
  3. How physically active are you now?

  ... and Get started !!