Age of Technology, or Computer driven Age?

Nowadays, technology has the major role in almost every aspect of our life.

To be more specific, computerized systems are all over wether we are aware of it or not.

Domestic appliances, cars, phones, our office and non-office working environments, depend and operate,
according to computers, software applications, artificial intelligense, embedded systems and devices......

.......Products and technologies like iPAD, iPOD, Apple MacBook, Blackberry phones, mobile computing, Tablet PC 's
GPs devices, Internet, Google - we all know, Java applications, androids ......




EU Cross-border workers

According to the European Comission  a Cross-border worker  is  an -employed or self-employed person that has a migrant worker status in the country he/she works. This person must  have sufficient leaving-support means and so, has the right to live in another country



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