Six Sigma

Today most European countries find themselves still struggling, within the storm of financial and social crisis. Nevertheless, it is quite amazing, how many tools and methodologies were available before and after, that could help avoid the sequences of

  • Bad Management,
  • No Control,
  • and  missing  Systemic Corrective Procedures.

Six Sigma is one of the most known and proven Business Management Strategies. Six Sigma is a Business Performance Methodology widely adapted, and used by most successful companies and organizations. Six Sigma has already been used to improve results within companies/organizations, regarding quantity and quality of products and services.

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IT Infrastructure Security, an on – going process

Protecting business network architecture has become extremely critical.
Today most IT Managers are looking forward to establish distributed IT environments, in order to increase but also maintain availability, and reduce costs.
At the same time they are continuously trying to solve the problem of technical resources.          Rules are applied, tested, since this is essential for mission critical projects.


IBM - Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE)

Real time comprehension of input similar to this accepted and processed by a human mind is a task extremely difficult for the current computers, Using advanced algorithms and circuits of silicon, cognitive computers can learn via experience, get the correlations, create hypotheses, and then remember - learn from the results....    


EU Cross-border workers

According to the European Comission  a Cross-border worker  is  an -employed or self-employed person that has a migrant worker status in the country he/she works. This person must  have sufficient leaving-support means and so, has the right to live in another country



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